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Welcome to our site!

Hello and welcome to our brand new site! We have worked very hard to provide an updated site with current search options and valuable information.  It is our hope that you will visit often and that you will share our site with your friends, colleagues, family and neighbors.  We have beautiful listings and valuable advice.  It is our hope that TheHughesProperties.com will be your go to site for all things real estate.  Welcome and thank you for visiting our site.  Please enjoy and visit often, Tom and Debaran Hughes


You live in a great neighborhood and have put your heart into your home….now let’s maximize its return on sale.  Listing now and marketing through the winter has always been one of our specialties.  It seems that the contrarian opinion of “start in the fall” rather than the spring has caused wonderful things to happen for our sellers!
Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations endear buyers to your home and allow them to imagine living in your home.
Buyers in the Winter seem more serious.  Let’s face it, with school and inclement weather, they must have a reason to buy.
There is way less competition  during the winter because your competition (other sellers) are waiting for spring.  Boy won’t they be surprised when in Spring everyone puts their home on the market and you have already sold!
There is so much to choose from in Spring and sometimes that puts a damper on prices.
We believe now is the time to start talking about a customized marketing plan that results in a first quarter closing.  THEN YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALL THOSE OPPORTUNITIES ON THE BUY SIDE IN SPRING!!