new build homes Oshawa

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new build homes Oshawa

The substance that pleased the older generation is no longer the same for the younger ones. Younger people like different things and a strong inclination to modern technology. The right guide to buying new build homes in Oshawa should help you identify a home that will still have value as a resale. 

What to consider in newly built homes

Modern kitchen and bathroom

Modernity is not synonymous with new. A new home can have new things that are still old in regards to style and functionality. The materials and features of a home should be in alignment with the form of the house. My Uplands townhouses have different styles. 

The type of material will determine whether it is contemporary, urban, or otherwise. Study the following things to find the perfect balance for your preference:

  • The countertop at the kitchen
  • The shower stall
  • The bathtub shape 
  • The interior design of the bathroom

Take into consideration that the older versions of a family home had kitchens in a separate room. Modern homes have an open kitchen plan that is not as spacey. Our floor plans and exhibition houses should give you a feel of all the options available. 

A home office

Forty-three percent of all Americans work from home. Thirty-one percent work a more significant percentage of their careers from home. The home office is essential for people who fit the above working settings. 

The area can have built-in shelves and bookcases, two doorways to different rooms, and a design that can accommodate a desk and chair. Alternatively, it can have a place that can be customized to be an office. Research various layouts to find a floorplan that will work well with your family’s routine. 


You will not find many young families living at a considerable distance from mainstream society. This case is because there is a lot of dependence on amenities that are only available from the public. You are bound to find a majority of families next to areas within walking distance. My Uplands has a suburban housing system that will fit the semi-urban lifestyle. 

Energy consumption

It is possible to save a considerable amount of money while living in a technological home. An instance of this construction would include energy-efficient windows that prevent air leakage or solar panels that reduce the need for electricity.

Some popular window designs include the following:

  • Vinyl blinds – They cost very little and will minimize the overall cost of the house
  • Cordless blinds – They are safer than cord-laden counterparts and perfect for the children’s room
  • Blackout cellar shades – The installations block sunlight and reduce the heating in the house. 


New build homes in Oshawa include considerable details of the environment. Check the contract to understand if you can plant grass, or change the entire setup. This part of the agreement will also define how you can fence the property. This situation will help you understand if the real estate firm should supply you with resources like grass or services of landscaping.  

new build homes Oshawa