The Hughes Difference

Resources for Sellers


  1. Location
  2. Condition of your home
  3. Terms of the sale
  4. Asking price for your home
  5. The real estate team you select to market your home

You control all of these factors…except location.


The location of your home has a definite impact on its value.  For example: the subdivision you live in and where your home is located within that subdivision are major factors in your home’s value.  Homes located on quiet streets or cul-de-sacs have more location value than homes located on busier streets.  Other location factors affecting value are the following:

  • Mountain views
  • City views
  • What your property backs onto

These items give you an idea of the typical factors affecting location value.  These are factors you have no control over, but play a major role in the value of your home.

Condition of Your Home

Never underestimate the importance of having your home show its best!  New homebuilders spend thousands of dollars on decorators so their homes appeal to a buyer’s emotions.  Having your home appeal to the “emotions” of a buyer is very important.  A buyer will usually be more excited about purchasing your home if it appeals to their emotions rather than just their logic.  We provide you with a Market Preparation Guide including 89 Tips and Tricks (see this in Appendix A) to prepare your home to sell and give you advice on making your home show its best!

  • First impressions are very important.
  • The curb appeal and front entrance of your home is the first and last thing in a buyer’s mind.
  • Your kitchen and bathrooms are the most important rooms in your house. Make certain they are super clean and uncluttered.
  • Clean and deodorize all flooring.
  • Paint! It’s the most inexpensive, highest return improvement investment you can make!

We walk you through all the steps necessary to make your home show its best…putting more money in your pocket!

Terms of the Sale

Possession date, financing options, and contingencies are all examples of the terms of the sale.  The more flexible you are with these details, the better the overall transaction can become.

You can use flexibility in terms to negotiate a higher selling price.  Very often, a buyer may need a specific possession date or special financing; if you can accommodate these needs a buyer may pay a premium price in exchange.  It is very important to consider all aspects of the offer to purchase before making any decisions.